Requirements Master Disc
Accepted types of mastering:
DVD-5/9 DVD-R All types
DVD-5/9 DLT1 DLTIV tape, DDP format
DVD-5/9 DLT8000 DLTIII/DLTIV tape, DDP format
DVD-5/9 DLT4000 DLTIII/DLTXT tape, DDP format
DVD-5/9 DVD (replica) Without CSS encryption
  • We recommend using high-quality DVDs.
  • The readable surface (i.e. bottom side) of the DVD must be free of stains, fingerprints, scratches, dust, etc.
  • We advise you to send the original DVD in a protective hard case.
  • We recommend making the recording at 1x speed.
  • Don’t forget to close your session before recording your DVD-R.
  • The time elapsed between the recording and delivery to our facilities should be as short as possible.
  • Keep the DVD away from sources of heat.
  • All DVD-Rs will be analyzed before being used as master recordings in order to ensure that they contain no uncorrectable errors (C2 or E32).