All of our non-automated handling processes are performed in collaboration with the Joana Margarit Special Work Centre.

The Centre’s employees carry out tasks such as:
  • Insertion of discs and leaflets into all sorts of multimedia cases, books and magazines.
  • Handling and pre-assembly of small parts.
  • Product assembly
  • Arrangement and packing of various products
  • Box and carton assembly
  • Productive tasks involving electrical components. Assembly of light fixtures.
  • Packaging, assembly of costume jewelry, envelope stuffing, etc.
  • Shrink-wrapping and cellophane wrapping for boxes and packaging of all types.
The Joana Margarit Special Work Centre is registered with and subsidized by the Department of Welfare and Family of the Catalan Government. It employs more than 80 people with some degree of disability. These individuals perform their work either at the Centre or off-site at various companies.

For more information, visit www.fundacioxamfra.cat. ISO 9001 certified.